Privacy on the Internet

17 Jan

There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet. As the article posted by Jessica and class lectures indicate, privacy is pretty much dead when it comes to social media and the Internet. Nothing is really private anymore and as things become more digital, concerns with privacy will more likely increase. 

The most general rule was discussed during class. Those who are active on the Internet should always think before they post or publish. It’s as simple as that because once you post something, it’s out there. I think a great amount of people, especially teens, fail to realize this so it’s common to see a lot of carelessness. Of course you can always delete your posts but things can be recovered. 

When a person is active on the Internet through social media posts, there may be consequences and these are things that should be taken into consideration. Who sees what you write? Are you even allowed to post such things on the Internet since you have a good job with a decent company? The issues with privacy and ethics is really interesting because it poses the question of how much control you have over your own image as an individual. When I use the term image, I am talking about your online identity, photos, and other key pieces of personal information.

The lecture on privacy and ethics has made me a little more cautious about reading policies. I would have never thought to ask about company policies towards social media. When I was reading through a packet for a summer position just last night, there was a section on social medial. While the company was not against it, there were very specific rules within the policy. 

People just have to be careful because hackers are not the only ones who pose a threat when privacy is of concern. Parents, employers, friends, followers, etc now have greater access to information. I think as privacy issues become more of a concern, people will make  necessary adjustments to their profiles and pages for their own protection. Do not be surprised if someone does not want to be your friend anymore or limits your view of their profile. Some may drop certain social media sites and opt for one which they feel gives them greater control…if there is such a thing!–NJC




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