18 Jan

My name is Natasacha and yes, my name has one too many a’s in it but I guess that is what makes it rather unique on paper. I am a first year PhD. student in the Department of Pan-African Studies. I have a BA in Communication from the University of Kentucky and a MA in Communication from the University of Louisville. For me, when I was working on my Master’s degree, graduate school was about reading, transitions, changes, and did I mention reading? However, now that I am in a PhD. program, there is the addition of sacrifices. You have to make a lot of those! Not only do you have all of these things that I have mentioned but there also comes a whole new set of extremely high expectations. Therefore, I spend a lot of time reading, looking at a screen of some type (computer, phone, iPad, etc), and typing papers.

I have a lot of duties as well. I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I was nominated as a 2011-2012 Faculty Favorite. I am also a SIGS Ambassador for the University. I serve as the Historian for the Pan-African Graduate Student Association. This week I took over as the PAS Representative for the Graduate Student Council.

My research interests are usually health and risk related. More specifically, I am concerned with dietary habits of African Americans and premature births. I am particularly interested in social media and how it is used as a tool to raise awareness. My goals for the purpose of this class include learning how to better market and brand myself with a good online reputation and simply learning about the usefulness of the different types of social media. As I teach in the future, I would like to know the best ways to incorporate these tools as part of student curriculum.

I think this blog is a good start because this is something that I have to give priority to. I believe as I write more, I will become better at it.–NJC



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