Webinar with Amy Porterfield

15 Feb

Facebook_Advertising_Amy_PorterfieldWednesday night was a first for me as I participated in my very first webinar, Facebook Marketing Secrets: How to Finally Attract Leads and Make Money with Facebook. I actually came across the promotion of the webinar through SportsNetworker.com. I will say that I am such a fan webinars now and quite a fan of Amy Porterfield! During Amy’s introduction she described the people that she has worked with and the various positions that she has held. Forbes has even named Amy as one of the top 50 Social Media Power Influences.

The webinar provided a lot of great strategies and tips for Facebook users. Amy shared strategies that are working right now to attract fans and discussed how to move fans from your Facebook page directly to your website. In addition, she talked about “Promoted Posts” and the “Super Feature” that Facebook offers. Not only did she provide strategies and tips, she also provided good statistics. I would say that her most revealing statistic was the fact that approximately 300 million photos are being uploaded to Facebook per day. That is a whole lot of photos, especially when the statistic is up 20% from earlier this year. My only thought after the webinar was that I wish I would of asked for the specific date from earlier this year.

There are other statistics that are relatively fresh in my mind. When she mentioned that 2.7 billion likes a day are being generated across Facebook that indicated users are producing content that people really “like”. She went through many statistics and with the numbers, it was easier to see why brands are trying to get their products and services on social media platforms and Facebook, in particular. Although I will not give away all of the webinar details, I would highly recommend for anyone to register if you see a promotion for a webinar that she is hosting. With her four simple steps to creating real time results and all of the tips that she provides on enhancing your Facebook page, you will definitely learn how to attract a lucrative fan base for you brand!

Image provided by http://www.empowernetwork.com


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