Your Health Made Simple!

15 Feb

So this week I spent almost 7 hours between a visit on Monday with my primary care physician and a visit today with the ophthalmologist. On Monday, I had a biopsy of which I knew very little of the procedure going into the office. I knew approximately how long the procedure would take and how I would feel after but was spared some other details. I will admit that I spent most of the weekend searching for literature and trying to understand the technical terms all while trying to do the ultimate no-no of self-diagnosing.

Often times when we think something is wrong with us or our loved ones, we look for text and information on the potential illness or procedure that is needed. We find a diagnosis for the problem and we think the worst when we really do not have a clue as to what is actually wrong with us or our loved one. One thing that can make patients understand procedures and illnesses is the use of infographics. The topic of infographics has been very popular across numerous platforms. Although infographics are still relatively new to me, I have quickly found out just how beneficial they can really be. Infographics = Possibilities & Abilities! One particular benefit that I see with using infographics in the field of medicine is how they can be used as teaching tools for professionals, patients, and loved ones. I think I would have benefited significantly if I was given an infographic or some type of visual presenting the facts about my condition and procedure. A guest blogger at iTriage shows a perfect infographic about colorectal cancer and this is very appropriate for this post as March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.


Infographics can take the complexities of medicine and transform them into beautiful and statistical information that is much easier and quicker to understand. In addition, the facts can be fun to analyze. Medical terminology and statistical data can be rather difficult for the average patient to understand when not explained well. With infographics, your health can become simple. These unique graphics are increasing and trending and there is no indication of them becoming less popular anytime soon!


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